Tuesday Talk 7/21/2015

Time for this week's edition of Tuesday Talk! Let's start discussing!

Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton: Couple Announces Divorce After 4 Years of Marriage. "This is not the future we envisioned," the singers said in a statement to The Associated Press Monday. Lambert and Shelton, who had been together since 2005, were married in 2011.
Ok. Is anyone really surprised? I called it from the beginning that this was not going to work out. They just never seemed like a couple in love publicly. I mean, you never know. Private lives are always different than public ones. But I just kinda thought, ehhhhh. I am not surprised.

Neil Armstrong: Campaign to Preserve Astronaut's Spacesuit Begins on 46th Moonwalk Anniversary. The National Air and Space Museum launched a crowdfunding campaign Monday to save the deteriorating suit, The Associated Press reports. July 20 marks the anniversary of the 1969 moonwalk.
I think this is a great campaign. I think to be honest that congress or the space program or something should pay for this bit of history. But that is just me. I would donate what I could to the kickstarter campaign, even if it was just a dollar!

Mick Fanning: Shark Attacks Surfer During Final of J-Bay Open Competition in South Africa. "I just saw fins. I was waiting for the teeth," Fanning, who was not injured in the attack, told Sky News Sunday. Following the attack, the World Surf League canceled the remainder of the competition.
I saw the video and was like holy crap! It is scary! And I think that Mick Fanning got lucky! That shark could of really hurt or kill him. He only has a tiny scratch on his hand. That's it. I don't think that the situation has sunk in yet for Fanning. But thank goodness he is okay! So scary!


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