Friday, July 17, 2015

Meat Chips

For road trips, beach days, or to and from soccer games - it’s pretty much a given you will need snacks on-hand. Sure, apple slices and granola bars are great, but sometimes we just want the salty crunch of a chip. Now there’s a new high-protein chip revolutionizing the way we snack smart that’s perfect for the entire family.
Meat Chips is a first of its kind crunchy flavored snack chip (think like Doritos- but with none of the junk chemicals you don’t want your family eating) packed full of a whopping 21grams of chicken protein. Meat Chips is a seasoned gluten-free tortilla chip made with real white chicken meat, ground corn, natural seasonings, and that’s it. They are currently available in four different flavors: nacho, salsa, pepper, and ranch. With 21grams of protein per snack size grab bag, they pack a protein punch with a crunch. I know the name threw me off a bit, but these are really good. They do not taste like meat, or the chicken they are made out of. They really do remind me of a Dorito-type chip.
Check it all out at Meat Chips on Twitter.


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