Saturday, July 25, 2015

Mars Pop

Mars Pop takes place in the year 2124 in NeoMars, a modern, visionary city on Mars where Earth colonists have settled. On Mars, every Martian has their very own NeoBot: an inseparable advisor, friend, and protector; capable of nearly everything and linked to their own DNA. Out of this world! Whimsical and fun, Mars Pop itself is a re-imagined, futuristic take on the classic bubble shooter game, yet plays in real-time.
 To pull this off, Outfit7 developed a proprietary technology with a delay of mere nanoseconds. This makes for a thrilling, edge-of-your seat live competition to see who can explode bubbles the fastest. Mars Pop is easy for newbies, challenging for gamers, and engaging for everyone in between. Whether it’s a friend down the block, an old college roommate, or an unknown player across the globe, Mars Pop matches you with other players based on skill level instantly, giving you identical starting screens and sequences of bubbles. You can even view your opponent’s screen as you battle for bubble shootout glory.

As a player, you can also compete in global tournaments to up the ante on your bubble supremacy to earn rewards, and see your name and rank in leader board lights. There’s no sign-in required for Mars which is awesome, and you can connect via Facebook and invite friends for an out of this world journey even if they’re offline. But the best part is that Mars Pop is free, which is great on any planet.

Mars Pop follows the success of the phenomenal Talking Tom and Friends franchise, which grew from a single, free mobile app into a full-fledged international media company. To date, there are more than 2.8 billion mobile app downloads of Talking Tom and Friends, plus a 3D CGI animated web series, animated shorts, musical tracks, and an international licensing program.

Beware my friends, Mars Pop is addicting! Been on my phone constantly! 

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