Friday, June 5, 2015

#MasonsMission GoFundMe Donate Now

Through our loss of our youngest son, Mason Daniel Kolb, we have some small victory. Mason donated his organs, and saved 5 lives, and improved 21 lives with his musculoskeletal donation. To us, that is astonishing, and Mason is our hero!

Mason passed away due to an accident at home in 2011, causing Brain Death. He was two months shy of his 2nd birthday.

With this GoFundMe page, it is our goal to raise money so we can continue to raise awareness for Organ Donation, as well as establish memorials in Mason's honor, such as adopting a highway in his name, having a memorial bench placed in the Memory Gardens of the organ donation center, planting a tree at a grief lodge, etc. This will be ongoing, and not a one time thing.

Please know that any money you see fit to donate, be it $1, or more, will go to honoring Mason and bringing awareness and education to the public on the benefits of Organ Donation.


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