Monday, May 4, 2015

Sneaky's Popcorn

After years of struggling with her children’s food allergies, Sneaky’s founder and chef, Tish Watford, decided she needed to do something about what her children were eating. Like most moms, she spent time trying to figure out ways to get her children to eat healthy foods. Especially with food allergies, children can be picky about what they eat. Tish tried getting creative with meals by adding zucchini to banana bread and even carrots in spaghetti sauce. After her kids’ snacking became more frequent, Tish decided that she was going to make these treats the healthiest they could possibly be. That’s how Sneaky’s was born. It was a mission for Tish to add all-natural, organic super foods that were void of the common food allergies her children suffered from. Tish now enjoys providing her products to eager eaters and challenging herself to come up with different recipes that are healthy and delicious.
Popcorn is a common snack for many looking for something quick and convenient to eat. With Sneaky’s Savory Spirulina Popcorn you get the crunchy snack so many crave with all natural, nutrient-dense ingredients snuck right in. It’s hard to believe that this tasty snack is good for you and full of healthy ingredients! Callan mowed down the bags we got within a few days. And when they were gone, he asked for popcorn.....I mistakenly made him a bag of microwaved popcorn, and he told me "No, Mama, this is not the kind I had yesterday! Yuck!" I guess he now has a preference, and it is a good one! This popcorn is delicious!

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