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Disney Hairstyle Books - 2014 #HolidayGiftGuide

Disney Frozen Hairstyles

About The Book:
Do you love Princesses Anna and Elsa of Disney’s film Frozen? If you long to recreate these royal sisters’ beautiful braids, buns, and other dazzling hairstyles, Disney Frozen Hairstyles: Inspired by Anna and Elsa is for you. The step-by-step instructions in this gorgeously photographed book make it possible for anyone to replicate these heroines’ striking looks. Truly unique, Disney Frozen Hairstyles is the first book to reveal the secrets behind Anna and Elsa's different coiffures. Each of the twenty-eight hairdos is created on a real child and meticulously photographed in full color to make even the most complicated style easy to achieve. The book depicts a variety of hairstyles perfect for active girls as well as for special occasions such as parties, proms, and weddings. The many beautiful haristyles include: • Elsa’s Icy Braid – a loosely woven, thick braid • Big Braid – a beautiful concoction of four interwoven braids • Anna’s Braids – two simple but lovely braids • Anna’s Crown – a striking alternative to the traditional bun • Snow Queen – a special bun accented with a flower. Disney Frozen Hairstyles also features “Braidschool,” an invaluable section that shows how to construct the basic braids that are fundamental to Anna and Elsa’s looks – as well as so many other hairstyles. Braidschool includes detailed directions and illustrations for creating traditional, French, Dutch, rope, and fishtail braids. Don’t hesitate to jump right in and experiment, to combine styles and create your own Frozen-inspired look. Offering pretty up-dos as well as everyday styles, Disney Frozen Hairstyles makes it fun and easy for anyone to create looks inspired by these beloved sisters.

About The Author:
Theodora Mjoll Skuladottir Jack is an Icelandic freelance hairstylist, a lifestyle blogger, and author of five hairstyle books. She has also had her own television show.
Disney Princess Hairstyles

About The Book:
Want to create hairstyles like Disney’s most popular princesses? Whether your hair is long or somewhat shorter, curly or straight, the step-by-step instructions in the beautifully photographed book, Disney Princess Hairstyles: 40 Amazing Princess Hairstyles With Step by Step Images, will make it possible for you to recreate the gorgeous looks of eleven of Disney’s beloved princesses – from Ariel to Mulan, Cinderella to Snow White, and Tiana to Pocahontas. Disney Princess Hairstyles details forty hairdos, including braids, updos, buns, waves, twists, and ponytails. Among the variety of styles are options that are ideal for both straight and curly hair, as well as for a variety of hair textures. Each hairstyle is created on a real child and meticulously photographed in full color to make even the most complicated coiffure easy to achieve. The princesses and their accompanying hairstyles include: • Ariel: Locks of the Ocean – A free-flowing style with two tightly woven braids holding it in place • Aurora: Aurora’s Waves – A cascade of pretty waves • Belle: Belle’s Bow – A distinctive style accented by a charming bow created with your own hair • Cinderella: Buns and Braids – A pair of beautifully twisted buns highlighted by braids • Jasmine: High Ponytail – An unusual ponytail perched high on the head • Merida: Rough and Tough – A tumble of curls balanced on the crown of the head • Mulan: Mulan’s Bun – A lovely bun accessorized by an intertwined ribbon • Pocanontas: Pocahontas’ Hidden Braid – A unique look in which a French braid peeks out from twisted locks of hair • Rapunzel: Rapunzel’s Full Braid – An exquisite variation on the traditional fishtail braid • Snow White: Braid of Braids – An attractive concoction of braids gathered at the nape of the neck • Tiana: Tiana’s Bun – A gorgeous but easy-to-create topknot.

About The Author:
Edda USA specializes in entertainment and media. Building on a strong foundation with over thirty years of experience in publishing they have expanded their expertise and become a cross-media production company.

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