Thursday, November 13, 2014

Might Fall Behind

I might fall behind in the next few days. Not on purpose, of course. But you know my life, and my luck. Errrr. Hubby had a bad bad accident at work. He builds houses, and has done so for years. He is a pro. But today, it all came tumbling down, literally.

He fell off a 15 foot roof, and landed on another part of the roof, on his feet, all 300 pounds of him, and then tried to catch himself, and fell again to the ground, and landed on his back.

He had some major head trauma and was losing his memory. He repeatedly asked me where the "kids" were (and Mason has been gone 3 years). He did not remember recently that we bought a new truck and gave his mom our old car. He did not remember that my father passed away, and when I told him, he cried. He did not remember where he worked and what happened as far as the accident. It was really scary. I've never seen him so lost and confused.

On top of the memory loss, he obviously hurt his ankle. After x-rays we found out he broke his left ankle on the ball joint (the talus), and he fractured his top left foot bone (the cuboid), as well as fractured his left tibia. He also fractured his right side foot (the calcaneus). So, fun fun! He had to get boot stabilizers put on both feet, and after a CT of his left ankle, it was determined he needed surgery. And right away.
We live near a fairly large city, but the hospital was full! Full! Are you kidding me? So Hubby had to be transferred to the next closest trauma center, which is in Fargo, almost 3 hour drive from here. I was not able to go with him, since I have Callan to worry about. But after Callan goes to school in the morning, I will head to Fargo and go from there. Thank goodness we have amazing friends around us who can help with Callan, and whatever else we need.

By the time they took Jason away in the ambulance to transfer him, most of his memory was back, except he still did not remember the accident. I will keep everyone posted. Thanks for hanging in there with me, while I Hang Off The Wire! *wink*

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