Thursday, October 16, 2014

The Monsterator

The Monsterator by Keith Graves

About The Book:
When he entered a dusty costume store, one that he hadn't seen before, he got what he'd bargained for....and more. Enter the Monsterator if you dare. Put a coin in the slot....but beware! Join Master Edgar Dreadbury as he discovers the Monsterator, a machine that changes people into monsters in this spooky Halloween adventure from Keith Graves.

My Thoughts:
This is such a great book! It is a flip-book, the kind where you can create different monstrous looks! But also a super fun story. Callan brought this book in to class for his show and tell! Very cute!

About The Author:
Tragically, Keith Graves was monsterated as a child growing up in New Orleans. He was never the same afterward. Legend has it that the hideous author now lurks in the dark forests outside Austin, Texas, along with his beastly wife and toothy twin cubs.

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