Thursday, October 9, 2014

My Cup Runneth Over

My plate is full. That is for sure. As you may know, my father passed away unexpectedly last week. A heart attack. He was 61 years old. He had no will. So things are left up to me and my brother to figure out and settle accounts. And let me tell you, that is not easy. With all of this stress, it has not hit me yet, and I have not really been able to grieve.

On top of all that, we bought a house. Which is good news! We close on the 24th of October, which is not that far away. And I still have half of our apartment to pack up. It is nuts the amount of things you can accumulate. So packing, and purging, and getting rid of things. But also, we had to clean out my father's apartment, and so of course I inherited some of his belongings as well. So that just adds to it. And imagine the stress it is going to be to put my new house together! Though, that will be fun, I think!

And then to put the cherry on top of it all, Callan and I have the flu. And I mean the messy kind. So while I feel shitty, I am trying to take care of him, and do the laundry to keep up with the mess of bedspreads and sheets and towels. Sigh. Needless to say, my house is in disarray, and I need a break. I need a vacation from life! Ha!

How is YOUR week going? Ha ha.

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