Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Mason's Liver Lives In Dayzee #OrganDonation

I was contacted via Facebook by a woman named Karen. She is the mom of the little girl who received Mason's liver. She had recieved the letter that we had sent to the families over a year ago, but did not want to wait to send a letter back to me through the agencies, which could take awhile. When I sent the letters, we said it was okay for the donor agency to give out our personal information so the families could contact us. And she did!

Here is Dayzee's story:
Dayzee has Methylmalonic Acidemia Mut 0. It is a metabolic disorder. She cannot metabolize protein correctly. Instead of using it for energy it becomes a Neuro-toxin and causes brain damage, coma, and death. Dayzee was ten months old and not doing very well. She had a 25% developmental delay, she was not even able to sit up on her own. She was at the very top of the transplant list for three days, and they got a call on August 19th, 2011 (10 days before Mason died) that a liver was available for her and the family flew to California from their home in New Mexico. Later on the 19th she got her transplant. She was doing pretty good for a few days and then she started going downhill.....She got a blood clot which cut off the blood flow to the liver and by the time the doctors realized this, the new liver was already dying. The family was told she had four days to live. If she didn't get another liver, then there was nothing the doctors could do. Six days later they found a match.....Mason's liver. Dayzee defied all odds and after the transplant she was sitting up on her own. She learned to crawl in the hospital. She will be 4 on October 24th and is doing so well!! October babies rock! *wink* 

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