Friday, September 19, 2014

Clean, Lean, and Savvy Snacks

Suzie Carpenter is on a mission to provide think-proof snack foods that help you live a healthier lifestyle. Eating with confidence has never been so sexy. She wants to inspire people to realize that life without sugar can be super sweet and seductively good – that healthy eating can be so delicious, easy, and makes a huge difference as to whether we are sick or well, energetic or sluggish, happy or frustrated, productive or stuck. So, it’s true, we are what we eat!
Clean, Lean, and Savvy offers delicious store-bought, packaged treats that will allow even the most dietary restricted child the chance to join in on the fun this Halloween! Clean, Lean, and Savvy is a brand of packaged gluten-free popcorn, pretzels, and snack bars. These snacks are also dairy-free, soy-free, kosher, nut-free (except the bars), low in sugar, and the pretzels are also corn-free. Despite these nutritional benefits, these delights are delicious and every trick-or-treater is bound to love them!

Callan devoured the pretzels while I enjoyed the popcorn! Really yummy!


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