Tuesday, August 12, 2014

The Complete Book Of Pickling

The Complete Book Of Pickling by Jennifer MacKenzie

About The Book:
Capturing garden vegetables at their best for year-round enjoyment. Pickling is one of the oldest and most inexpensive methods of preserving foods. Families would gather over mounds of vegetables and huge steaming pots, producing savory and delicious pickles and chutneys. Home pickling is now enjoying a resurgence, as the cost of food and the desire to know where and how foods are prepared increases. These wonderfully inventive recipes feature modern methods and equipment in accordance with the latest food-safety standards. The book also includes classic and unusual international ingredients. Newcomers to the art will find step-by-step techniques and details of specific equipment needs. Enjoy wonderful foods year round with recipes such as:

Kosher dill pickles
Aunt Thelma's bread and butter pickles
Pretty beet and radish pickles
Gingery cantaloupe pickles
White balsamic and pepper pickled strawberries
Clementine pear chutney
Pineapple lime tomato salsa
Smoky three-pepper cucumber relish.

The author specifies manageable sizes for average households, and there are serving suggestions and quick recipes for dishes that use the preserves for top flavors.

My Thoughts:
This is a great book for first-time picklers and pro-picklers alike. We have wanted to make our own pickles for a long time, and this book has helped us do just that! And then the possibilities of all the other things we like, such as pickled beets! So much fun, and not as hard as I had imagined.

About The Author:
Jennifer MacKenzie is a Professional Home Economist, freelance food writer, recipe developer, tester and editor, cooking instructor, media spokesperson and special events coordinator. Jennifer is the author of five cookbooks, including the bestselling, The Complete Book of Pickling. Along with her husband, Chef Jay Nutt, Jennifer owns Nuttshell Next Door Café in Lakefield, Ontario, where there is a friendly, neighborhood atmosphere serving fresh lunch fare and baked goods - all made from scratch - and specialty coffees and teas.


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