Friday, August 29, 2014

Stewie Boomstein Starts School #BackToSchool

Stewie Boomstein Starts School by Christine Bronstein

About The Book:
Stewie Boomstein Starts School will help children aged 3-6 prepare to enter pre-k or kindergarten. Stewie Boomstein is a loud, comical, and sometimes cranky child, who has a big problem: he had a very bad first day of school! His entire family (including the pets) works together to solve Stewie's problem. The next day, Stewie has a very good day at school. This illustrated book includes an interview with two well-regarded child psychologists who give simple tips and practical advice to parents on smoothing their children's transition into school.

My Thoughts:
This is a great book for kids just starting school, and their parents! It is real and educational and informative! Plus it is a fun story too!

About The Author:
Christine Bronstein is the founder of A Band of Women, a social network and information website for women. She's also the editor of ABOW's first book, Nothing But the Truth So Help Me God: 51 Women Reveal the Power of Positive Female Connection. Christine is the founder of Nothing But The Truth Publishing, an independent publishing house specializing in works by female authors and artists from around the globe, all with varied racial and ethnic groups, socioeconomic backgrounds, and ages: everything from famous authors, celebrities, and entrepreneurs, to nannies, soccer moms, and starving artists. Christine was CEO of one of the few women run, venture backed health and fitness companies in the nation for eight years and was president of a child-welfare foundation for three years. She is a graduate of the Columbia/UC-Berkeley executive MBA program and is a member of the honor society Beta Gamma Sigma. She's been published on, in The San Francisco Chronicle, and on Maria Shriver's website. Christine and A Band of Women have been featured in Marin Magazine, 7x7 Magazine, and the San Francisco Chronicle. Christine is married to Center For Investigative Reporting Executive Chair Phil Bronstein and is mother to three children and many small creatures.

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