Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Indian As Apple Pie Spices

Indian As Apple Pie shows you that you too can cook easy Indian food at home. It's all about understanding which Indian spices to have on hand and how to make your Indian spice blends. Once you have your seven to eight basic Indian spices (cumin seeds, coriander powder, turmeric powder, garam masala, red chile powder, mustard seeds, and kala namak) - you'll be making authentic Indian cuisine in no time, blowing away myths that Indian food is complicated, exotic, or can only be made tastefully in a restaurant. You'll also learn that healthy Indian food is not a misnomer - it's the way a majority of Indians eat at home on a daily basis. Most South Asians don't eat their food loaded with unhealthy oils and creams the way many Indian restaurants prepare their dishes.
We got try some Garam Masala. Garam Masala translated literally means 'warm spice mix,' and is an essential blend used throughout North Indian cuisine. Most homes make their own, using a combination of key spices. The spices are gently roasted whole, cooled, and then ground into a fine powder. You will find the Garam Masala to be a convenient way to cook delicious Indian food. In most dishes, the spice blend is sprinkled over the food towards the end of cooking, but you can also use it in the beginning with the other spices. Use this blend for everything from sauteed cauliflower to roasted chickpeas. Yum!


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