Thursday, August 14, 2014

#BackToSchool Duct Tape Mania

Duct Tape Mania by Amanda Formaro

About The Book:
Ready...Set...Create! Whether you are already stuck on duct tape or just eager for fun creative projects, this book is for you! Filled with cool crafts, awesome games, surprising activities, and fascinating facts, Duct Tape Mania will make a duct tape maniac out of you! Part craft book, part activity book, Duct Tape Mania offers hours of creative fun for boys and girls of all ages! This book is packed with ways to create all kinds of accessories, jewelry, bags, decorations, fix-its, and more with little more than a roll of tape. Peppered through the pages are fun and interesting facts and trivia about the amazing duct tape.

My Thoughts:
This is a fun book. I love all the cool Duct tape that they have out these days, all the designs. I fell in love with Duct tape art when I saw someone making roses out of Duct tape! How cool! So many fun ideas in this book, for beginners and fans!

About The Author:
Amanda Formaro, author of Duct Tape Mania and Rubber Band Mania, is a Midwest mother of four who has been creating crafts for kids for over 20 years. She has been published in several major magazine including Parents, Redbook, and Family Fun, and her websites, including Disney's and Her passion for crafting resonates in her blog,, where she shares tutorials with step-by-step photos for adults and kids alike. Amanda loves the creative process and trying new things, and especially likes making something from nothing.


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