Saturday, July 5, 2014

Lifeway Foods - Original Kefir

The Lifeway Foods story begins in 1986 with kefir, a milk-based cultured drink that is popular in Eastern Europe and is said to be more nutritional than yogurt. That year, Russian immigrant Michael Smolyansky began manufacturing kefir in his basement to bring the taste of his native country to the U.S. After Michael Smolyansky passed away in 2002, his daughter Julie Smolyansky assumed the role of President, while his son Edward Smolyansky assumed the role of Chief Financial Officer and Treasurer. Today, Lifeway Foods is the country’s leading manufacturer of kefir, with multiple flavors and varieties that include lowfat, whole milk and organic versions as well as a children’s line, and a provider of other probiotic natural and organic dairy products for health-conscious consumers.
We got to try the Original Kefir, plain flavor. With seven to ten billion CFU’s of 10 strains of bacteria, plus ProBoost, the exclusive pair of clinically proven probiotics, Lifeway Original Kefir balances your body’s ecosystem and supports digestive health and immunity – that’s 12 live and active cultures per cup. Plus, it's an excellent source of calcium, protein and it’s 99% lactose free. Lifeway Kefir is a creamy and delicious yogurt-like smoothie the whole family will enjoy. Callan was not so sure about this. I think he would have enjoyed a flavored version over the original. But I loved it. It reminded me of when I was a kid and my grandma would give us bowls of plain yogurt and sprinkle Sweet N Low on them to make it a treat for us!

Check it all out at Lifeway Foods on Facebook, as well as Lifeway Foods on Twitter.

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