Tuesday, June 24, 2014

June Is National Papaya Month

Are you ready to celebrate Papaya Month? With summer here, June is a great time to indulge in this exotic, high-fiber fruit. Eating papaya is an easy way to get all your vitamin C needs, whether you¹re topping your oatmeal with dried papaya or eating it straight out of the bag. SunRidge Farms, a maker of eco-friendly natural and organic snack mixes, nuts, fruits, and better-for-you confections, would like to help you celebrate Papaya Month with some of its delicious and nutritious naturally dried papaya. The best part is, these tropical snacks come in convenient, re-sealable packages that make snacking healthy that much easier.

Get a dose of papaya this June:
Papaya Spears - Chewy and satisfying, these sweet papaya spears are dried naturally (without sulphur dioxide) for a fiber-rich snack. These spears are perfect for topping salads, adding to yogurt or noshing right out of the package.
Tropical Trail Mix ­ - Bursting with all natural papaya, pineapple, banana, nuts and seeds, this non-GMO trail mix will take your taste buds straight to the tropics while also pumping up your protein intake to get you through the day.

SunRidge Farms also has many eco-friendly business practices including biodiesel delivery trucks and hybrid vehicles. The company recently expanded its solar energy system, which now consists of 2,500 USA-made solar panels. Its estimated the system produces 785mw hours of green energy, eliminating more than 1.3 million pounds of CO2 from entering the atmosphere each year - the equivalent to planting 1,800 acres of trees.

Check it all out at SunRidge Farms on Facebook!

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