Saturday, May 3, 2014


Spring cleaning doesn’t just apply to your closet – this year organize your sock drawer and replace tattered, old pairs with VIM & VIGR’s new line of stylish compression socks. These innovative, knee-high socks combine fashion, comfort, and health benefits all in one. All of VIM & VIGR’s styles work to increase blood circulation in your legs that can be slowed due to long periods spent sitting or standing. This line utilizes advanced Gradient Pressure knitting technology to prevent and reduce spider and varicose veins, inhibit swelling and alleviate leg soreness.
VIM & VIGR’s comfortable design allows for a fitted heel and a contoured leg for a superior fit, as well as compression that is tightest at the ankle and decreases as it continues up the leg towards the knee. This Spring toss out those mismatched socks that are taking up space in your drawer and energize your legs throughout the day with compression socks from VIM & VIGR. I got a few pairs, and they work great, and are so cute and stylish. They have become my new favorite socks! And I did clean out my sock drawer too, and got rid of some old socks! Fells good, even though it is a small change.

Check it all out at VIM & VIGR on Facebook, as well as VIM & VIGR on Twitter.

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