Saturday, May 3, 2014

7 Days In September

Rated 100% Fresh on Rotten Tomatoes and met with strong reviews from top press, 7 Days In September had a theatrical run in 2002 in top markets, followed by broadcast on A&E. This release of 7 Days In September is timed to the Spring 2014 opening of the 9/11 Memorial Museum. Directed by Emmy award-winning documentary director and executive producer Steven Rosenbaum, this powerful documentary provides an inspirational account of the most painful week in United States history.

In the moments after 9/11 people ran for shelter in lower Manhattan. But a handful of New Yorkers turned to face the towers. In their hands, digital video cameras captured sounds and images few could ever have imagined. Then, in the days that followed, cameras continued to document the drama, passions, anger and fear as New York came to terms with life under a plume of smoke and ash. The film is seen through the eyes of a postal worker, a college professor, a middle-school student, a Muslim-American Woman and an amateur pilot, twenty seven real New Yorkers who captured what they experienced and told their stories. It is a film not just about the destruction of the towers, but what happened afterwards, the rollercoaster of shock, anger, passion and love that took the city to the brink of disaster - and back.

This is by far the best account of 9/11 I have seen yet! Grab a tissue!!!

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