Sunday, April 13, 2014

#TheHappys Playdate

Meet The Happy’s, the amazingly adorable and remarkably real new line of interactive motorized plush pets that really play with you! Featuring the playful charm of a real puppy or kitty, The Happy’s give boys and girls the pet they’ve always wanted with a magical twist. Just like a real pet, they can be trained to perform tricks and their play is unpredictable. Their world is magical, a little silly and, most of all, lots of fun.

We were lucky enough to host a MommyParty for The Happy's! Callan and his friends went nuts over these new toys! These new toys are Magically Interactive: they can chase a ball, do a trick – even follow you! Terrifically Talented: these pets dance to their favorite Samba tune, drive a car and ride a skateboard. Naturally Nurturing: they like to be tucked in at night in their own bed and blanket!
Meet The Happy's:
 Bentley – No ordinary retriever, Bentley’s golden and comes with the blue Happy Treat bone. His favorite trick is to chase his tail!
Sport - A sweet Goldendoodle, Sport comes with the red Happy Treat bone, is obsessed with chasing balls and loves to perform a wiggle trick!
Chance - A Beagle that’s true to his name, Chance loves to explore and comes with an orange Happy Treat bone and will perform a jump trick!
Mittens – A pure cotton ball white kitty, Mittens is anything but high maintenance! She comes with a yellow fish treat and loves to sneak up with a purrfectly-timed pounce!

Check it all out at The Happy's on Facebook!

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