Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Ritz Crackers #WithBacon

Ready to take bacon where it’s never been before? America’s favorite cracker has joined forces with the savory flavor of bacon to create the ultimate snack - new Ritz Bacon Crackers. Whether enjoying the beaches, hiking mountains, or even in between destinations on an airplane, Ritz Bacon is convenient, portable and now lets you to indulge your bacon hankering anywhere, anytime.

Ritz Bacon combines the classic taste of Ritz, naturally flavored pepper seasoning and the savory flavor of bacon everyone loves. Everyone knows life is better (and tastier) #WithBacon – so share the love. Check out Facebook.com/RITZCrackers and show us all where you’re takin’ Ritz Bacon.

Ritz Bacon is delicious alone or as part of a unique appetizer. Now you can satisfy your hunger for the classic Ritz crispy texture and the mouth-watering, savory bacon flavor with one delicious snack. Some of the tastiest new recipes include:

• Spicy Chicken Ranch Melt – An easy and delicious snack that combines the great taste of Ritz bacon with boneless chicken breast, pepper jack cheese, cherry tomatoes and zesty ranch dressing.
• Ritz Bacon-Chipotle Meatballs – Ritz bacon packs a crunchy, savory punch into this classic treat. Chipotle peppers and shredded cheese add an extra kick to boot.
• Ritz Bacon Fried Pickles – You can’t beat this southern favorite. Large dill pickles, horseradish and crispy RITZ crackers make for the perfect dip. 

These are so good! You can't eat just one! Yum! We love them!!!

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  1. These are SO delicious. I was actually able to locate some of them finally!


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