Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Piggy Island Heroes

Bad Piggie's Piggy Island Heroes

About The Book:
What happens when the wacky King Pig decides he wants the new weather vane on Professor Pig's roof for himself? Or when Chef Pig desperately needs to find something that looks like an egg for the King's birthday? And exactly what goes on in the mines of the city when the sun sets and darkness creeps in? Starring the porky antagonists of the Angry Birds, this delightful collection of exciting stories invites readers to enter through the gates of the Bad Piggies' city and learn all there is to know about its dastardly residents.

My Thoughts:
I love this! It is in the style of of a modern graphic novel, and it is wonderful! Callan enjoyed it immensely, since I think he likes the pigs more than the birds! This book just recently released, and I think it is perfect for any Angry Birds fan!


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