Friday, April 4, 2014

How To Defeat Dragons

How To Defeat Dragons by Catherine Leblanc

About The Book:
With clever text and whimsical illustrations, How to Defeat Dragons will help kids banish their fears and have fun doing it! Kids will love these clever tricks and tips for getting rid of dragons. They breathe fire, brandish sharp claws, and flap their giant wings.....even the bravest knights are afraid of dragons. Luckily, thanks to this book filled with unbeatable tricks, you will possess all the secrets to destroying those scaly beasts!

My Thoughts:
This is a great book! The illustrations are amazing, and it is such a fun read. Callan really enjoys it as well. He loves Dragons, so it is fun to learn more about them!

Buy this book at How To Defeat Dragons from Insight Editions. It releases April 15th!

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