Thursday, March 20, 2014

Peeps In A Basket, A Tisket, A Tasket!

“The flowers were budding, the grass emerged from snow, and winter was finally coming to a close. All of the kids played outside once more, while thoughts of spring-time chores went right out the door. Meanwhile, back in Bethlehem, PA, the Easter Bunny was becoming busier by the day. But today was one of the most important of them all, as the Peeps gathered ‘round, some stout and some tall. They met to discuss their mission this year, a big responsibility which was sure to bring cheer. The messenger Peeps assured they were ready to go, and off they travelled to various homes. The Peeps were ready to watch over kids everywhere and report back whether each child had earned their Easter basket share. And for all the young boys and girls who do behave, their Peeps will ensure their baskets are filled with the marshmallow treats they crave.”

Easter is one month away, can you believe it? This year is flying by! Peeps brand is excited to introduce Peeps in a Basket, a pilot program. As you may know, Peeps are iconic to the Easter season and are almost as beloved as the Easter Bunny himself. We received a ton of great items from Peeps! I was so surprised! And Callan was over the moon! He loved his Peeps plushie, and of course, the candy wasn't a bad deal either! Here are some awesome pics of our loot, to give you some inspiration to go out there and get shopping to fill those Easter Baskets!
 Check it all out at Peeps on Facebook!

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