Saturday, February 8, 2014

Scantopia - The App To Earn With

LuckyLabs, Inc. formally announced the launch of Scantopia, the first-of-its-kind Android and iOS application that rewards users with cash for scanning Universal Product Codes (UPCs), the bar codes found on millions of consumer packaged goods worldwide. In two months, Scantopia’s players have used their smartphones to scan more than 3 million products and win over $40,000. “Scantopia is an addictive, fun mash-up of a savings app and a social-mobile game,” said LuckyLabs VP of Business Development and Strategy, Will Gardenswartz. “Scantopia is like a mini-coupon on every single product a consumer buys, only better … there’s no clipping or loyalty cards, no photos of long, crumpled receipts, and, best of all, shoppers aren’t limited to specific, promoted items. All you have to do is scan bar codes on stuff already around the house – or, in the stores you shop – and you’ll win!”
Scantopia players win cash rewards or tokens for each and every UPC they scan. Tokens are used to enter weekly and monthly drawings. As players scan bar codes, the Weekly Progressive Jackpot grows to a maximum of $1,000. At week’s end, one lucky player is picked to win the big cash prize. Scantopia’s monthly Weird Sweeps reward winners with zany prizes like five miles of toilet paper or enormous gummy worms. The app also offers Daily Super Scans that reward players with a guaranteed cash prize for being among the first to scan featured daily products. The more items players scan, the smarter the application becomes and the rewards – including coupons – become tailored to users’ individual preferences. “Scantopia is a pioneer in the exciting new field of ‘Shoppertainment’, where big data meets big fun,” said Steven Kane, Founder and CEO of LuckyLabs. “Scantopia makes it super entertaining for consumers to reach out and encounter – literally, touch – the brands they love. In so doing, our players are enthusiastically building and updating lists of the products they buy, and, in many cases, where they buy them. This data puts Scantopia squarely at the valuable intersection of advertising and promotion. Scantopia is always 100% free to use and is available at both the Apple iTunes and Google Play app stores.

I have been using it, and have gotten a ton of coupons, plus real cash in the "bank" and tokens to spend on prizes and sweeps! It is addicting though, so beware!!!

Check it all out at Scantopia on Facebook!


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