Thursday, January 23, 2014

Active D'Lites

Yum! Active D'Lites Functional Chocolate Bars! They are experts in delivering the benefits of probiotics through great tasting treats. All of the Active D'Lites bars contain probiotics and prebiotics. This combination, known as synbiotic, works together to promote and sustain your digestive health. All of the great tasting treats are formulated to help you maintain a healthy digestive system!
We got a sample pack of the flavors, and I must say, I am pleasantly surprised. It tastes like a yummy chocolate treat! Active D'Lites Functional Chocolate Bars come in: Chocolate, Caramel Chocolate Bar, Crisp Chocolate Bar, Almond Chocolate Bar, Cranberry Almond Bar, Mint Chocolate, and other flavors! So good! And good for you!

Check it all out at Active D'Lites on Facebook, as well as Active D'Lites on Twitter.


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