Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Top Benefits of Wearing a Sleep Eye Mask

If you’ve ever considered investing in a sleep eye mask, then take comfort in the fact that there are a number of benefits associated with wearing one of these affordable accessories to sleep. A number of independent studies have shown that people who sleep with an eye mask often sleep better, leading to increased levels of melatonin and a more productive day. By getting a restful night’s sleep, you can even recover more quickly from pain, illness, or surgery.

Sleep More Soundly
Reducing distractions will allow you to fall asleep faster and stay asleep. An eye mask can block out the light and provide an instant blackout. Some people need to fall asleep with the television on, but this can bother their sleeping partner. If your space isn’t dark enough for you to comfortably sleep, or if you are sensitive to light, then a mask may be just what you need.

Deal With an Eye Condition
There are a variety of eye mask options to choose from and each one offers a different benefit. For instance, some masks can be frozen or heated to instantly reduce eye puffiness, swelling, and other common problems. Certain masks are even designed for common problems like red eye, dry eye, and itchy eye. They can even assist with allergies and sinus pain.

Look More Beautiful and Youthful
Quick fixes, like eye creams, ice, cucumbers, and tea bags, can all help with under eye puffiness, red eyes, and fine lines and wrinkles, but one of the best things you can do for the health and appearance of your eyes is invest in a mask. This can provide significant results even after a short nap and you can wake up looking more beautiful, well-rested, and youthful.

Be Patient
Wearing a sleep mask can take some getting used to, but once you become accustomed to it, you may have trouble sleeping without it. In fact, many people find that they can even sleep in a plane and while on vacation by just wearing an eye mask and/or earplugs. Take a look online to find which sleep eye mask is right for you.

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