Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Different Types of Gourmet Gift Baskets

While the holiday season and other celebrations are exciting times, they can also be somewhat stressful. With all of the shopping and spending, it can be hard to individualize every present that you give out. And buying gourmet gift baskets can make people feel like you didn’t put much thought into your gift. But that doesn’t have to be the case, because you can personalize your gift basket by making it savory, sweet, or unique in other ways.

Savory Baskets
As odd as it might seem, not everyone has a sweet tooth. If this is the case for your loved ones, then consider doing a savory gift basket. This can include a variety of things. Meats, cheeses, and crackers are one such possibility. You can also send savory popcorn in different flavors. Nuts are another healthy option for savory food. A meal basket could work as well. Sending a powdered soup or chili mix can be a useful, time-saving, and delicious gift. 

Sweet Baskets
For those who do have a sweet tooth, the options for gift baskets are endless. A basic candy basket, full of full-sized candy bars on wooden sticks is a crafty change of pace. Sending pre-made cookies or brownies is also a yummy option. Cake pops and cupcakes are popular trends in the dessert arena right now. For friends who enjoy baking, you can send baking kits like gourmet cake mixes or muffin mixes so they can enjoy them warm when they want to.

Individualized Baskets
You can also send a more individualized basket. For example, if you know a family loves to watch movies together, you can assemble a basket with a family film or two, some popcorn, a couple of bottles of soda, and movie theater (boxed) candy. This is a thoughtful and personal gift that won’t make them feel like you just checked them off a list. The options for gourmet gift baskets are endless. You can create some that are sports-themed, gluten-free, and gender-specific. No matter what the occasion might be, there is bound to be a basket you can order or create especially for your friends or family.

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