Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Shopping For Earrings Online

Whether choosing pretty but practical earrings for every day wear, or sparkly and dangling earrings for festive occasions, earrings can make a lovely gift. When you shop for earrings online, you can take individual style and taste into consideration. You can also do some comparison shopping to find the best deals.

Even stud earrings, small and less flashy than longer earrings, can add a real touch of elegance to an outfit. Diamonds and gemstones add particularly elegant touches, though there are now diamond-like gems synthesized in the laboratory but costing only a fraction of what diamonds cost. Moissanite is synthesized silicon carbide which can be transparent, yellow or green. Its brilliant look mimics that of a diamond. Cubic zirconia, the crystalline form of zirconium dioxide, is another lovely and lower cost diamond look-alike which comes in a variety of cuts and colors.

There are even multi-colored cubic zirconia which appear almost iridescent. Longer, more dangling earrings are essentially threaded through the hole in the earlobe rather than being backed by a stud which holds the gem close to the ear. These longer earrings can be particularly eye-catching when a shaped gemstone dangles at the end of the earring, bringing the hue of the earring in closer proximity to the color and design of an evening gown. Whether you choose an organic or synthetic gemstone, a beautiful pair of earrings can provide a beautiful gift.

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