Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Book Pal

Traditionally, book clubs have used hardcover or paperback books. This was the norm simply because far more of these books - as opposed to ebooks - were sold every year. However, things have now been shifting, and ebooks are massively outselling physical books.

People love to read on the go, and they also love to be able to shop from home, so they are getting ebooks on their tablets and smartphones. If you have a book club, you might want to consider using these types of books as well. The advantages of an ebook are many, starting with the low price. You can even get the books in bulk, so you can save more.

However, even with standard pricing, an ebook just costs less because there are no materials. As long as the people in the club already have the ebook readers - or computers with the right apps - they do not have to pay for anything other than a digital file. Authors can often make more selling ebooks for a far lower price than printed books because the costs for the authors are almost nothing as well. This is so nice when you have a book club because you are not looking at such high fees every month. If you charge people to be in the club and use the money to buy the books, you may be able to lower your price so that more people can join.

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