Sunday, December 1, 2013 - 2013 Gift Guide

We love products! We've gotten several books from them, including their newest book - Multicolored Kid.
What's a better way to tell your child that they contain all the beautiful colors of the rainbow than with a personalized book from FlattenMe! Whether it's red for their love, white for their courage, or blue for their imagination, this personalized book let's the reader know that they are a special child and loved through and through. Parents will love that custom books featuring your child's name throughout the story encourage interest in reading at a very early age. The rollicking prose makes the story fun and engaging, naturally building the reader's vocabulary and interest in books. Callan loves this book, and is starting to be able to read some of it himself! The graphics are great, and engaging! I think this is my favorite FlattenMe book so far!

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