Saturday, September 7, 2013

The Countershaded Ibex *Giveaway* 2 Winners

The Countershaded Ibex By Andrew Warren

About The Book:
A tale of murder and suspense that explores the fragility of trust and the certainty of betrayal, The Countershaded Ibex is a thriller seen through the eyes of Max Gilbert, the unlikely hero who finds himself thrust in the middle of the age-old conflict between Israel and the Arab world as he pursues perilous leads in search for the one and only real, fully-documented, two thousand-year old buried treasure whose discovery will either ensure peace or spell worldwide disaster. Max's single-minded trail takes him from New York to the Judean Desert around the Dead Sea, and from there to the ghettos of London and even inside the highest offices of the Vatican. His quest not only provokes some of the worlds most sadistic villains but risks involving the Pope himself. Will Max solve the mystery of his own countershaded ibex theory? Or will he find himself responsible for the destruction of Israel and the eventuality of a third world war?

My Thoughts:
Ohhhh! Thriller! Mystery! Excitement! This book was great, and I recommend to any and all adventure seekers!

About The Author:
Andrew Eli Warren’s personal story reads very much like the thrilling fiction from which he writes. Born and raised in Bucharest in Communist Romania, Andrew learned the meaning of adversity survival at an early age. By the age of seven, he was already writing stories of hopelessness and escapism reflecting on the life around him. When he was nine, his father was arrested and thrown in one of the regime’s most infamous prisons. During the following five years, his mother, an uneducated yet gutsy woman born in a Transylvanian shtetl, tried desperately to put food on the table through any means she could think of. Her exhausting efforts often left her impatient with Andrew’s obsessive story writing – so for thirty-five years he stopped writing, instead becoming the engineer his father wanted him to be. But now, his engineering career behind him, Andrew allowed his imaginative spirit take hold and he committed to being a professional writer. Teaching literature and composition writing by day at two New York-area colleges, as well a running a creative writing workshop at a senior center in the Upper West Side of Manhattan, Andrew dedicates his remaining time to researching and writing his adventurous books. Andrew has two children, Judy and Alex from a previous marriage and is engaged to a lovely woman named Robyn. He lives in New York City.


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