Monday, September 2, 2013

Sleep Like a Princess During Every Trimester of Your Pregnancy

If you've wanted a baby, learning your pregnant is a fairy tale that glitters your life. You're a fable princess during the day as friends and family celebrate the little Hansel or Gretel blooming inside you. At night, however, your fairy tale turns into a twisted version of the Princess and the Pea. The pea grows uncomfortably larger inside the princess, instead of beneath her mattress.
Peas keep pregnant princesses awake at night — causing sleep disturbances, such as fatigue, lack of energy and daytime crankiness. For a healthy pregnancy, sleep is a priority. Arrange your castle and daily routine to improve troubling sleep patterns each trimester.
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The First Trimester

Many mothers-to-be have trouble falling asleep during the first trimester, especially first time mommies. Progesterone levels rise during pregnancy, and this rise in hormones may cause sleepiness and fatigue. Rising progesterone levels are also partially responsible for your never-ending trips to the bathroom. Body changes — including tender breasts — create discomfort at night. Often called "morning sickness," nausea can and will happen at any time of day or night. Moms-to-be experience morning sickness typically earning in the morning.
First Trimester Tips: Arrange your bedroom to promote healthy sleep. Darken the room, keep cool air flowing and choose a comfortable mattress. The best mattress offers support for your changing body. Go to bed 45 minutes early to give yourself plenty of time to fall asleep. Sneak in extra naps as often as possible.

The Second Trimester

Expect to feel more energetic during the second trimester. You'll sleep through the night more often because nausea and hormones level off. But heartburn and backaches may interrupt your slumber.
Second Trimester Tips: In the side sleeping position, bend your legs and put a pillow between your knees, under your abdomen and behind your back to ease your backache. Eat small meals more frequently throughout the day. Sleep with your head on two pillows to reduce heartburn.

The Third Trimester

By the third trimester, you probably aren't feeling much like a princess. And now your pea is enormous. Along with the return of backaches and frequent urination, you have probably gained a few more nutty nocturnal habits. Night walking, snoring, leg cramps and restless leg syndrome consume nighttime.
The National Sleep Foundation cites several studies that validate what women have been saying for years. It is tough to sleep during pregnancy, especially during the third trimester. One study showed that 97.3 percent of its pregnant participants had trouble sleeping. Each of these women woke up on average 3.11 times a night. Another study showed that 30 percent of pregnant women snore, which prevents restful sleeping. About 15 percent of women experienced restless leg syndrome.
Third Trimester Tips: Avoid lying on your back for long periods to reduce backache. Lying on your left side improves blood flow to your kidneys, uterus and baby. Carbonated beverages may cause leg cramps — switch to water or fruit juice.

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