Monday, September 9, 2013

Hilary's Eat Well

The World’s Best Veggie Burger made its debut at Local Burger in Lawrence, KS, a sustainable fast food restaurant, in 2005. The burger was created by Local Burger’s owner, Hilary Brown in order to express her commitment to sustainable, health-supportive food as well as great taste! Customers liked the burgers so much that they asked Hilary to make them available in nearby grocery stores. So Hilary launched Hilary’s Eat Well in order to make and distribute her culinary creations to people who want to live healthy and sustainable lives. Hilary's Eat Well products can now be purchased nationwide with more in the works!
We recieved some free coupons, so we went shopping at our local co-op. We got a few yummy items! World's Best Veggie Burger - When Hilary created this recipe in 2005 for her restaurant, Local Burger, she wanted it to taste great and be free of all common food allergens and artificial ingredients. She met all of her goals with this recipe, and now shares it with everyone!
Original Veggie Bites - From freezer to table in minutes, these versatile veggie bites are great for busy lives. Use them as a tasty appetizer, as an addition to salads and casseroles, or as a great way to get kids to smile while eating some veggies. With the stellar ingredients, you’ll feel good about serving them to your family, to party guests, and to yourself!


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