Friday, September 27, 2013

GalloLea Pizza Kits

Do you love pizza? Who doesn't! If you can't go out for pizza enough, don't settle for frozen! Make homemade pizza in 30 minutes, your favorite pizza any way you like it! Keep a kit in the kitchen, ready to go when you are: midnight, party, dinner, lunch, snack, unexpected guests, what to make in a pinch, GalloLea Pizza Kits are there. Easy, fast and fun. The kit comes in whole wheat, gluten free, or low sodium whole wheat. Make it your way, from simple to gourmet: homemade pizza in 30 minutes.
We got the Whole Wheat Pizza Kit - Makes one 12″ Pizza. In the box: •Sauce •Crust Mix •12.5″ Round Pizza Paper. Simply add water to the crust mix, build your pizza on the Pizza Paper, add your own favorite toppings, then pizza goes directly into the oven (or on the grill), cooking paper and all. With only a few minutes cooking time you’ll have a delicious, nutritious pizza along with a fun cooking experience! The Gallo family Italian sauce recipe has a variety of 9 spices creating a unique and delicious taste – like all their products, very much it’s own. The fresh wheat flour makes a light crust that can be ‘pressed out’ on the paper to make a thin or thick crust, depending on your own personal preference. We used fresh toppings on ours and had a veggie pizza. So good! It was fun for Callan too, to get to help out in making it!


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