Thursday, September 19, 2013

Barbara's Cookie Pies

Barbara’s Cookie Pies are the evolution of the cookie into an artisan dessert. They are a decadent fusion of traditional cookie and candy classics with a modern artisan touch. It all starts with premium-quality butter cookie dough made from a family recipe passed down through the generations. This butter cookie dough recipe was used by Barbara’s Mother and Nana (both also named Barbara) to make rich, flavorful out-of-this-world butter cookies. This buttery–rich cookie dough (a treat by itself) forms the bottom layer of each cookie pie. Then each is garnished with delectable toppings made from quality fresh wholesome ingredients such as fruit preserves, marshmallow, creamy peanut butter, coconut, caramel, almond, real chocolate and more – for a palate-pleasing , belly-satisfying treat.
We got to try a few yummy treats, and I am in love! Butter Cookies - All Barbara’s Gourmet Butter Cookies are hand-made, hand-pressed and hand decorated. Each Gourmet Butter Cookie starts with an authentic, 100% natural butter cookie (made from a 3 generation family recipe). Then each is hand-decorated using fine quality nuts, chocolates, preserves, and decorative sugars and sprinkles for toppings. There is nothing like a fresh-baked, home-spun authentic Butter Cookie. Perfect as a dessert, snack or gift for any occasion.

Raisin Oatmeal Pie - A classic masterpiece. Buttery goodness combined with flavorful oats, raisins, nuts, chocolate, a hint of coconut, cinnamon, and orange zest come together in a sophisticated sunburst of flavors. The classic treat with a modern artisan touch!
Rainbow Confetti Cookie Cake - A jumbo sized, rich Butter Cookie that’s encrusted with colorful, tasty rainbow sprinkles. It’s the perfect ‘sharing’ cookie. They can be special ordered in a wide range of custom colors and can even be special ordered with personalized custom messages to celebrate special occasions, celebration themes and holidays. Perfect for gift- giving, school fundraisers, and special events.


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