Saturday, August 17, 2013

August Skoshbox

Japan is a favorite place in the entire world. Why? The food is tastier, the streets are livelier, and the experiences are simply one of a kind. Skoshbox's goal is to handpick the tastes and experience of Japan and deliver them to your doorsteps each month. Sign up and you’ll receive candies, snacks, and items directly from Japan. Shipping of course, is free.

Here’s what was in the August box:
BONUS MYSTERY SNACK! FRUIT GUMMY - If you’ve never had a Japanese gummy, you’re in for a juicy mouthwatering treat! Melon, Strawberry, and Grape flavors.

Hashi (Chopsticks) - Your very own pair of chopsticks for meals at home.

MILK CARAMEL - A soft chewy milk caramel square - a very classic snack!
CHEESE KIBUN - A thin crispy rice cracker coated with a blast of cheese!

LISE STICK - Crispy wafer stick with a rich, creamy matcha or cream filling.
FUWA FUWA JELLY - Fluffy marshmallow jelly - cider or melon flavors!

MINI SALAD - Airy rice crackers with a savory salad-dressing-like flavor.

SUZUME NO TAMAGO - The name translates to “sparrow’s egg”. Peanuts coated in a crisp rice cracker shell.

UMAIBO - By popular demand! This month’s flavors feature Cheese and Potage!

ALMOND RUSH - Almond Rush - White or milk chocolate bars with slices of almonds.

Check it all out at Skoshbox on Facebook.

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