Wednesday, July 24, 2013

K’NEX Angry Birds Red Planet Building Set: Hogs On Mars

Now you can build and play in the world of Angry Birds Space! With the Hogs On Mars building set, you can actually build and destroy a level from the Angry Birds Space game! Launch Incredible Terence and Lightning Bird to defeat the evil Space pigs and destroy the Mars Rover. Includes a working launcher just like the game, enough parts to build and knock down, plus a bonus Space Egg. Everything included works with other K'NEX Angry Birds sets. You can even download instructions for an additional building idea.
Perfect for builders ages 7+. Build and destroy levels from Angry Birds Space. Includes Incredible Terence and Lightning Bird, Two evil space pigs, Working launcher just like the game, Enough parts to build and knock down. Callan went ga-ga for this! Of course, anything Angry Birds is his go-to toy! He played with this for hours, and I picked up a million little pieces! But I don't even care, because he had so much fun!

Check it all out at K'nex on Facebook!

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