Wednesday, July 24, 2013

If you want your child to learn Christian values and grow in their faith, don't leave them to explore books on their own. Reading is a personal adventure that everyone must learn to love through quiet hours of solitude with book in hand, but that doesn't mean you cannot reach out to your child using the books they love as a powerful communication tool. Book Selection Become an active part of your child's book selection process. Rather than turning them loose at the library to select whatever they want or leaving them with the books they check out from the school library, help them explore the type of books you want them to read. Look at the books they select on their own and point out reasons those selections may not fit your Christian values. You can browse the best Christian fiction books at Do this with your child so you can discuss why some selections are better suited to your reading needs and lifestyle than others. You may be surprised to see your child start making better selections when you are not standing next to them. Open Discussion Read the same books that your child is reading so you can have discussions about the values presented within those books. It is difficult to talk about a book that you have not read. Once you have both finished a book, start conversations about values you hope your child took away from the book. Books are valuable learning experiences, but Christian fiction can also become a way to pass free time in a productive manner. Explore books with your child and see how your relationship deepens.

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