Monday, June 24, 2013

Snug Jugs

Breasts themselves contain no muscles and so are supported by the muscles on the chest wall. Unsupported or badly supported breasts are more likely to develop stretchmarks or to sag, so even if you have never felt the need for a bra before, you should wear one now. But you don't want to wear a bra with pajamas, right? So, hence, the Snug Jugs! Pajamas that hold in the girls nice and tight, stylishly. You could even wear them as a sundress!
I got the original polka dot Snug Jugs! The bodice of the Snug Jugs are 95% cotton and 5% elastane to allow for extra comfort and room for change, while the skirt is made from a durable weave of 100% cotton. So comfy and really cute! I love it!

Check it all out at Snug Jugs on Facebook, as well as Snug Jugs on Twitter.

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