Monday, June 24, 2013

Skulls Don't Cry Apparel

Skull Don't Cry is a great shop on Etsy! I was fortunate enough to get a pair of shorts from them, and get to know the owner a bit. Here is a bit about her:

Hello, my name is Maria Ramonda and I am the founder of Skulls Don't Cry. Let me tell you something about myself - I learned to knit with my grandmother first and I loved it, so I traveled to Brazil to learn more knitting techniques with the locals of a small town located in Ceara, known for it knitted products. There I learned the value of handcrafts and I started to think a way to reevaluate this art, and bring it to people showing a different face of fashion. I came out with the idea of making hand knitted, eco-friendly shorts and pants. My clothes are not only eco-friendly, but in a globalized market, revalue crafts seems a difficult task but not impossible. It is important to us to return to nature, our principal goal is to distinguish our product from mass production.

The shorts are now for sale at! Check it out:
I got these shorts, which I love! These hand made shorts will fit you perfectly, very original, eco-friendly, made by happy people in USA.

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