Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Silly Shapes Lollipops

Who knew that Math could be fun and delicious? Silly Shapes Lollipops are eight different geometric shapes with silly faces: triangle, square, rectangle, pentagon, hexagon, octagon, circle and oval with silly faces and pleasant colors. The pops are certified Kosher by the Orthodox Union (OU) and come in vanilla and chocolate flavors. Silly Shapes lollipops arrive in a handsome cardboard display box. Each box holds 24 (1 oz.) individually-wrapped lollipops (4 columns x 6 rows). Four different shapes are featured in each box. All 8 shapes would be found in two such boxes.
Callan loved these. He thought they were really cool. He would say, "Mama can I have an octagon now?" Hee hee. They all taste pretty good, like flavored chocolate. But keep them in a cool place during this hot Summer heat!

Learn all about the Silly Shapes Lollipops HERE.

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