Saturday, June 15, 2013

Bai Drink

Doing Good Bai Your Body one sip at a time!. Bai is delicious, 100% natural, 5 calories, gluten free and made with only 1g of natural sweetener! Every bottle of Bai delivers a thirst-quenching experience that is 100% natural, infused with antioxidant power and flavored with exotic fruit juices. Eight delicious varieties packed with flavor not sugar:
Brasilia Blueberry
Congo Pear
 Costa Rica Clementine
Ipanema Pomegranate
Limu Lemon
Malawi Mango
Molokai Coconut
 Panama Peach
 Sumatra Dragonfruit

Callan really enjoyed these. I liked all the flavors. Very crisp, and fruitful which is surprising for a low-calorie juice drink.

Check it all out at Bai on Facebook, as well as Bai on Twitter.

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