Thursday, May 16, 2013

See The Light - Art Projects

See The Light “Drawing Children to Him” produces DVDs that bring master art teachers into your home-school-church to teach children how to draw, integrating Scripture into every lesson. Uniquely encourages children to explore the Bible through interactive art. It's fun, effective and easy to use! Plus, through the engaging online resources, families can reinforce Bible lessons through out the week in creative new ways.
I received Art Projects. Art Projects is a 9 DVD/36 lesson series geared for ages 10 +. Each of the 9 projects focuses on the work of a famous artist and contains: Step by Step Tutoring, Integrated Biblical Truth, Art History, Art Elements, Art Principles. Callan was a little young for this, but we worked through it. He enjoyed it, as did I. Plus, this is something we can come back to later, and re-do.

About the Creator:
Pat Holt has a passion for children and a heart for missions. She has worked with children since she volunteered for church ministry at age 14 before earning degrees in education and instructional technology. Since then, she’s taught in public schools and founded a Christian school while authoring many books including the bestselling When You Feel Like Screaming - Help For Frustrated Mothers and the award winning Don’t Give in, Give Choices, as well as being a guest on a multitude of radio and TV programs. She was awarded the Gold Medallion in Christian Education by the Evangelical Publishers Association. Pat and her husband, Dave, live in California.

Check it all out at See The Light on Facebook, as well as See The Light on Twitter.

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