Friday, May 24, 2013


Res•Q•Roast was created to satisfy a single desire – the desire to give you a simple and delicious way to support the causes you care about. Whether you are passionate about animal welfare, the environment, putting an end to hunger and homelessness, or standing up for human rights, Res-Q-Roast will donate a portion of your purchase to the nonprofit of your choice. In addition to soothing your soul, the coffee has the ability to awaken your palate. Their team of coffee experts source, blend and roast the highest quality coffee from different regions around the world and do it all in carbon-neutral facilities. Each batch is made to perfection, in quantities just large enough to satisfy your daily caffeine fix.

Jason recieved the Adventure Pack. With this ResQRoast Artisan Coffee Adventure Pack you will receive three, 12 oz bags of coffee, and have the opportunity to try three of the favorite offerings: El Magdalena, Luna Vista, and the RQR Reserve. He loved them all. He said they all had a distinct different flavor, which he enjoyed!

Check it all out at ResQRoast on Facebook, as well as ResQRoast on Twitter.

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