Friday, May 24, 2013

Dance til Dawn to An MP3, Band or DJ?

“The Wedding Band: Season One” is Available on DVD June 11th! You’ve booked your venue, purchased your dress, signed contracts with the catering company and taken engagement photos. The hard part is officially over and now, you can start planning your wedding music. Before you start picking songs however, there are a few things to keep in mind such as ambience, budget and your venue acoustics. After food, music will be one of the details that your guests will remember. No one knows the importance of music more than Brian Austin Green.

In his latest show “The Wedding Band,” Green plays the lead singer of a fun-loving Seattle rock band called Mother of the Bride. Alongside his band mates, he experiences outrageously funny ups and downs! They haven’t figured out their personal lives, but they do know one thing for sure — weddings are the best place to meet women, drink up and rock out. Featuring A-list guest stars like Megan Fox and Molly Sims, this Wedding Crashers-meets- The Wedding Singer comedy mash-up marries the two key elements to any great party - terrific music and lots of laughter. “The Wedding Band: Season One” (Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment) will be available June 11. The guests at Mother of the Bride’s wedding gigs never knew what to expect but they always had a great time once the band took the stage.

That’s how you want your guests to feel at your wedding – surprised but also, excited to dance and celebrate your Big Day! To help you prepare for your perfect wedding music, take note a few things: Ambience Before you decide whether you want a wedding band, a DJ or an iPod, you have to ask yourself a few questions: How do you picture your wedding music? Do you want a party or do you want an elegant event with minimal dancing? Are your musical choices reflective of you and your fiancé? Or do you want the music to appeal to your parents? Once you figure out what you want, the next step is to figure out if you can afford it. Once you’ve determined the DJ, band or laptop of your dreams is within your purview, you have to figure out if your wedding venue has the electronic capabilities to host your music. Budget How much money are you willing to spend on music?

Some people are fine with a DIY wedding DJ’d by a friend or an iPod. Some folks hire a band or a professional DJ. Whatever you decide, be sure to check if:
•Bands are allowed to play at your venue
•How long will they need for load-in and soundcheck? 
•Do they charge a flat rate? • How many sets can they play?
•Does the DJ understand your vision? 
•Does he have the songs you like? 
•Will he charge you if he/she needs to download songs? 
•Is the DJ on the venue’s preferred vendors list? 
•If not, would they open to having a new vendor on the premises?

Will your ceremony and reception be indoors, outdoors or both? If your ceremony will be outside, you’ll have to make sure that there are electrical plugs near your set-up. This will ensure that you’ll be able to plug in your speakers and microphones without worry. Also, if you’re having a wedding march and post-ceremony music, you’ll need to be able to triangulate a musical “sweet spot” so that your songs can be heard clearly outside. If your ceremony is indoors, then you needn’t worry about this bit. The Reception Some venues have a strict music policy with loud music being allowed up to a certain time. If you’d like to party later than the standard 10 p.m. be prepared to pay extra by the hour. Some venues will be open to extending their music policy, others will not. Be sure to discuss these issues before signing any contract.

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