Saturday, May 25, 2013

Kigi Life - Father's Day Gift Guide 2013

Kigi Life uses progressive symbolic imagery and graphical metaphors to express their lifestyle of integrity. They are a premium lifestyle brand that empowers people to live authentic lives, hence the acronym Keep It Genuinely Inspired. They emphasize simple living, and connecting with what is truly important: Living free and confidently, doing things your way, being present and enjoying the beautiful things in life. They encourage people to live life with expression through Arts and Music.
Jason got the Herald Stripe tee. Regal lion graphic symbolizes the pride of the lion; their loyalty to each other and their family. With just one missing member of the family, the stripe is not complete. We count on each other for support and to become whole. It is a very nice and comfy shirt, soft and great quality! Jason loves it! And I might have to steal it from him!

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