Funky Yellow Bus

Funky Yellow Bus by Robin Rosenberg

About The Book:
Change isn't easy, and sometimes it happens quickly - like when we ride the bus to school for the first time. In the Funky Yellow Bus, young Brookie Cookie might be wary of climbing aboard the first couple days - and her trip to school doesn't come without a couple bumps in the road - but she and her companions transform the experience into a journey of music, fun and, most importantly, friendship. So come along for a ride on the Funky Yellow Bus! It’s full of cool characters, rockin’ good times, and the chance to overcome those nervous moments we all experience.

My Thoughts:
What a cute children's book about fear. Not just fear of the school bus, but fear of trying new things. Callan enjoyed this book, and it is perfect, because he starts Kindergarten in the fall and will take the funky yellow bus for the first time!

About The Author:
Check out the website: Funky Yellow Bus
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