Monday, April 29, 2013

The Child Whisperer *Giveaway*

The Child Whisperer by Carol Tuttle

About The Book:
You've been there feeling helpless, clueless, when a child you love totally bewilders you. Maybe it's the tantrum at the store, or the hour-long bedtime battle, or the head-scratcher of getting your child to eat veggies. You wonder what on Earth to do, so you get advice, read books, watch videos, ask the internet. And still, something's missing. You need a plan that addresses your child's needs, not everyone else's. Why couldn't children come with a handbook? Turns out, children are born with a handbook, they are the handbook. In The Child Whisperer, bestselling author Carol Tuttle explains that children tell their parents every day exactly how they need to be parented. They tell their teachers exactly how they need to be taught. Children are trying to tell adults who they are so they can be recognized and treated in a way that honors them uniquely. The Child Whisperer reveals that the key to raising happy, healthy, cooperative children lies in understanding and responding to a child's inner nature. Children's true natures are written in the shape of their faces and expressed daily in their appearance, body language, tone of voice, and choice of words. Your child's unique laugh, cry, joys, worries, and even tantrums speak volumes about they type of parenting they need. And you'll learn exactly how to offer it by reading The Child Whisperer. This simple but unique approach actually makes parenting more intuitive, fun, cooperative, and most importantly customized to your individual child. The Child Whisperer will give you the tools to: -Have a happier, more cooperative child, using less discipline -Foster more confidence and natural success in your child -Repair troubled parent/teen relationships -Reconnect with your adult children. The Child Whisperer teaches how to read unsaid clues that children naturally give every day, and shows how parenting, teaching, coaching, and mentoring children can be an even more intuitive, cooperative experience than ever.

My Thoughts:
This is a great book right now for me. It is helping me with the transition of Callan entering the Kindergarten stage, and his attitude at this age, and why he sometimes acts up the way he does, and how I can manage my own feelings during this time. Great tips and advice. This book is not just for parents with young children either. It is a book that can grow with you family!

About The Author:
Carol Tuttle is the best-selling author of five books and the creator of online learning programs Energy Profiling and Dressing Your Truth. Carol received her post-baccalaureate training in numerous energy psychology and natural healing methods. For over 20 years, her work in the field of self-help and personal development has helped hundreds of thousands worldwide to improve every aspect of their lives - from money, to health, relationships, fashion, parenting, to overall emotional well-being. Her first two books, The Path to Wholeness and Remembering Wholeness, promote personal growth by teaching empowering energy healing methods. In her experience with energy healing, Carol observed that different people express different energies and natural movements. She developed a program called Energy Profiling that helps people identify and honor their true natures, strengths, and gifts. Her book, It's Just My Nature, explains this program in depth. Applying her Energy Profiling model to beauty and fashion, she then created an online makeover program called Dressing Your Truth. Women from over 60 countries around the world have become members of Carol's Dressing Your Truth program. Carol's book Dressing Your Truth: Discover Your Personal Beauty Profile is the first step to dressing true to your nature. Carol Tuttle's latest book applies Energy Profiling to the world of parenting. The Child Whisperer turns longstanding parenting assumptions on their heads and shows how parenting can be an even more intuitive, cooperative, fulfilling experience than any good parent even imagines.



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