Thursday, April 11, 2013

Mother Knows Better - Mother's Day Gift Guide *Giveaway*

Mother Knows Better by Patti Murphy

About The Book:
Listen to your mother! This clever new book includes common sense and some nonsense from the well-meaning mouths of mothers across the country. Here are a few of the quotes: Don't walk on the carpet or you'll mess up the vacuum lines. Grow roses and visit them every day. Have small town charm, but big city dreams. The quotes come from well-known celebrities and also the neighbor next door. It's the perfect gift for all the mothers in your life.

My Thoughts:
This is a great gift book! The quotes are great, from regular moms to famous moms. My favorites quotes in the book are: Nothing good happens after midnight. I will help you to help yourself. If you pull on knife on someone, you better use it. A great book for any mom!

About The Author:
Patti Murphy was born and raised in Florida, moved to Arizona, and then settled in Boise, Idaho where she owns Murphy Media Services, a freelance writing and public relations consulting company. She is an award-winning newspaper and magazine writer whose writing appears in The New York Times, Sun Valley Magazine, Oregon Coast Magazine, Northwest Travel Magazine, High Desert Journal, and more. Her first book, "Mother Knows Best - Wit and Wisdom from Idaho Moms," was published in 2011. Her second book in the "Momism" series, titled "Mother Knows Better - Sense and Nonsense from American Moms," was published April, 2013.



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